Located at the highest point on Scarborough Hill, the two storied house reflects the geological (tectonic) nature of this spectacular site by placing the accommodation within a series of folded floor and roof plates. This strong design generator creates a seamless connection between the inside and out, maximising the total site for outdoor living which is seldom enjoyed on these steeply sloping sites.

A simple palette of interlocking honed black granite ground planes and white folded plastered wall and roof plates deliver a sculptural result that allows connectivity between both floors, where cracks and cuts generate glazed voids and double volume spaces.

A three-metre-high polished granite wall, which commences on the street, slides through the house and out into the distant view. A wet edged pool attached to this wall adds to the composition’s strong connection to the sweep of Pegasus Bay. The wall not only structures all the circulation through both the house and terraced landscape gardens, but also layers the house horizontally into a series of private and semi-private spaces.