Doyle House


Located on a high density site contained between the Avon River and Hagley Park on its southern boundary and the busy Carlton Mill road, the Doyle house completes a series of architect designed houses that have all responded to the scale, density and contemporary language of the existing surrounding built fabric.


The three storied home with its glazed solarium at the top of the structure acts as a gateway beacon to the development as well as capturing splendid views of the park and the distant Port Hills.The three-level structure is stacked around an open stair which slides out of the containment of accommodation, engaging with the street and driveway and eventually terminating under a folded stained plywood wall/roof plate. The sleeping accommodation is held between the ground floor and second floor terraced living rooms and provides a dynamic usage of interchangeable spaces for the family members.


A sculptural surface treatment and colouration of black stained plywood and white plaster, coupled with black anodised electric louvers completes the desired minimal effect and is carried onto the interior were the clients artwork and lighting cleverly engages with each surface.